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  • Sterile bifurcated needles for smallpox vaccination

First, our bifurcated needles helped eradicate smallpox. Now, we’re making sure it stays that way.

Faced with the possibility that terrorists might use smallpox as a bio-weapon, the U.S. government turned to Precision Medical Products. After all, we originally developed the bifurcated vaccination needle that administered the smallpox vaccine in the 1960’s. Now, our challenge was to produce enough of these needles in one year to inoculate the entire nation. Actually, it only took us 11 months, and we even improved on the packaging. That’s because, with over fifty years of experience, we’re a world leader in the manufacture and packaging of specialty medical devices. If you have an innovative device you want to bring to market, put our expertise to work for you. The U.S. government did.

  • Sterile allergy testing bifurcated needles

Precision Medical Products produces thousands of needles used for Allergy testing by hospitals, immunologists and allergists. Skin Prick Testing is a reliable method to diagnose allergic diseases in patients.  Our needles are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Minimally invasive
  • Produce immediate test results (15-20 minutes)’
  • Reproducible with Trained Professionals

Various types and sizes of cannula for medical and surgical applications

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